Saturday, June 8, 2013

DIY Putty Knife Masterpiece

I unfortunately discovered YOUNG HOUSE LOVE after we moved into the house and chose the paint colors for most of the rooms.  The kitchen was one of them. I decided I wanted this awful green color and at the time I thought it was the perfect color.

After living with it for about a month I realized it didn't flow well with the visions I had for the rest of the house.  

I fell in love with the color the Petersik's had in their kitchen at the first house, Gentle Tide by Glidden.
Once we repainted the kitchen I realized I needed some kind of large art piece for the eating area.

I began looking in stores and online and realized large pieces are just too expensive.  I then found this post from one of my favorite blogs BOWER POWER, and knew this would be perfect for our wall. 

I read the directions and realized it was super easy and definitely something I wanted to try. 

As you can see all you need is some acrylic paints, a canvas and a putty knife.   You basically just have to dab the putty knife in a couple colors and drag it onto the canvas as if you were using a paintbrush.  Continue to do this with various color patterns until the canvas is completely covered 

I made 2 because the wall needed a little more after I hung the first one.  I love how they turned out and have gotten a few requests from family members that want me to make one for them!

I can not wait to replace that very outdated chandelier with a much more modern drum pendant and to rip out that linoleum flooring and lay down something  more us and clean looking.  Someday!!!

What do you think?  Have you ever been inspired to make your own artwork?  

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