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So here we are...the Perry's. My name is Kristina and my handsome husbands name is Justin. We are newlyweds, married September 22nd, 2012. We bought our first house on July 27th, 2012, that's right about 2 months before the wedding. You can only imagine the stress level that we must have had at that time. We live in Rochester, NY, where we both grew up!. 

We do not have any actual children yet,  we do however have 2 dogs that we love like our children. Our first dog we got in 2010, his name is Rocco, he is a Boston Terrier. He is such a sweet little guy.

Our second dog, Reggie is a Boxer, he was our wedding present to each other, and let me tell you...we have a ton of stories about that dude.
He may look very cute as he is....but he is something else....lets just say he likes to get himself in a lot of trouble and keeps us entertained. 

This blog is something I have thought about doing for a few months now.  It is a place where our family an friends can come to see updates on our house projects and for others to hopefully become inspired. 
  I will update this blog as often as I can with photos and projects, so please stay tuned and let me know what you think!

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  1. I did enjoy reading all your "fun" stuff and seeing lots of neat photos of your home......... You are wonderful at decorating, Kristina!
    Thanks for the tour also!


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