Thursday, September 12, 2013

DIY Lengthened Curtains

A few weeks ago I added a link to the wonderful Wife in progress blog  for her "Show off Thursday's" link party.  I linked my 1 year later transformation of our living room, and come to find out it was actually the most viewed link-up on her site that month.  Yay me!! 

If you haven't checked out Jenna's blog yet you really should.  Her kitchen update is AMAZING.  It is truly an inspiration for my kitchen.  Ohhh someday, hopefully this winter I can finallllly tackle that project!

I did get around to lengthening my curtains for the office.  I learned that I have a love hate relationship for my sewing machine though, those things are so tricky. 

...and of course here is a before and after of them short to long....
(the colors are off as I took the pictures at different times of the day)
 It was really a simple process.  All I did was purchase an extra curtain panel.  Then cut about 4 inches worth off the bottom and top of the new panel and sewed them right to the bottoms of the 2 panels I already had. 
I think they look much better and I cant wait to finally get a desk and some art up on the walls. 
Next weekend is our 1 year wedding anniversary and all I asked the hubby for was a trip to IKEA!!!  So with that said we are hitting up ikea in Canada (closest one to us) on Saturday and I CAN NOT WAIT.  I have a list ready to go with all the goodies I want to buy!
Any one else out there ever have to lengthen your curtains?  How about sewing, any one else have an argument with their sewing machines?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Office Progress

Over the weekend the husband and I decided to tackle the office.  We began by painting the room.  We went with Gentle Rain by Behr.  Its a soft gray, almost looks blue in some lights.  We didn't care too much about the carpet as we were going to rip it out afterwards, so we didn't put any drop cloths down to protect it. 
(Sorry about the cell phone pictures, my 50 mm lens is stuck on my camera so I cant switch out lenses at the moment. So if anyone knows how to remove a stuck lens, please let me know!)

After the paint started to dry we started to rip out the gross carpet.... 

....and look what we found!!!!
These babies are in AMAZING shape.

I went out and bought some curtains for the room, and I am having a hard time deciding if I really like them.  I already know they are too short, so I have been thinking about buying one more panel and lengthening them by sewing in a piece to each side.  Then I could used the extra fabric for pillows or some other DIY project.  I also have to put them higher and wider then they are now.  Then I think I might like the look a little better!!
Next up for this room....
  • New Desk
  • Art/decor
  • Area rug
  • New door
  • Paint Closet doors
  • New Shelf/storage
What do you think?  Have any of you done any work to your home office's lately, or any room in the house for that matter?