Thursday, October 3, 2013

{DIY} Cork Message Board

Hello everyone, I'm back with another little update on the office! I made my own cute little message center/cork board!  I found some inspiration from another blog I follow and LOVE.   Its a Pretty Prins Life. She always has the cutest little DIY projects and I love her decor taste.

Anyways I did mine a little different.  I bought a 4 pack of the dark colored cork squares from Michael's. They were under $10 with a coupon.  

Once I got home I began taping the cork board up with some frog tape in the pattern I wanted.

After I was done taping I took some metallic gold acrylic paint I had around the house and painted the exposed cork with a sponge brush.  

Finally once I was done painting I peeled the tape off.  

Here's what I was left with

 Of course I couldn't wait to go hang it up in the office!!

I love it!!  

Oh yea....we went to IKEA a couple weekends ago and here's what I bought:


Shelf (holds all our DVDs and husbands video games)

Bunch of white frames!!

Overall i would say it was a successful trip, I could have definitely bought more but my wallet and car space would not allow it.  

Has anyone else made their own message boards/cork boards?  Anyone else have a love for IKEA!?!