Thursday, October 3, 2013

{DIY} Cork Message Board

Hello everyone, I'm back with another little update on the office! I made my own cute little message center/cork board!  I found some inspiration from another blog I follow and LOVE.   Its a Pretty Prins Life. She always has the cutest little DIY projects and I love her decor taste.

Anyways I did mine a little different.  I bought a 4 pack of the dark colored cork squares from Michael's. They were under $10 with a coupon.  

Once I got home I began taping the cork board up with some frog tape in the pattern I wanted.

After I was done taping I took some metallic gold acrylic paint I had around the house and painted the exposed cork with a sponge brush.  

Finally once I was done painting I peeled the tape off.  

Here's what I was left with

 Of course I couldn't wait to go hang it up in the office!!

I love it!!  

Oh yea....we went to IKEA a couple weekends ago and here's what I bought:


Shelf (holds all our DVDs and husbands video games)

Bunch of white frames!!

Overall i would say it was a successful trip, I could have definitely bought more but my wallet and car space would not allow it.  

Has anyone else made their own message boards/cork boards?  Anyone else have a love for IKEA!?!


  1. I love Ikea! I live 30 mins away from one. Half my furniture is from there, lol.

    I covered a cork board with fabric a little while ago:

    I like how you took four and put them together. I had thought about take four little ones and putting different fabric on each.

    1. Samantha let me just say you are SUPER lucky that you live so close to an IKEA!!! like I mentioned in a previous post the closest one is in we have to go through customs just to get there, or we can travel 4 hours and goto one in PA. Either way its a hike, but TOTALLY worth it. I have never left there with just 1 thing.

      I checked out your blog and cork board DIY and I love em both.
      I too am a photographer in training. Its so much fun learning about something i am SOO passionate about!!!

      Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog/post, greatly appreciated!


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