Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My weekend in NYC

I spent this past weekend in NYC with my husband and family!!  We usually go on a little weekend getaway each summer with them and this year it was NYC!  I have been there several times before for school.  This weekend was different though as I actually got to do some sight seeing around Manhattan.

Our first day in the city we bought passes for a 2-day bus tour where you can hop on and off at different locations like downtown, upper east side, & south st. seaport area.  It was pretty awesome.  We also did some shopping around China Town and Times Square.  We were all exhausted by the end of the day so we headed back into NJ where we were staying. 

Me and my sister-in-law


Hubby and I in Times Square

The next day our group split up for a little bit because my sister and brother-in-law were going to take a helicopter ride above the city from NJ.  So me, my husband, "step-mother-in-law" and her mom all did some more sightseeing. We went up and down 5th ave and into places like Tiffany's, the Trump Hotel and the beautiful Waldorf Astoria.  We also did a carriage ride in Central Park!  We stopped for a delicious lunch at Burger Heaven and walked around Rockefeller Center.  We all eventually met back up for dinner in Little Italy.  It was YUMMY!  We were all very tired from walking around all day but thought it was too soon to go back to the hotel just yet so we took advantage of our 2-day bus tour tickets and went on the night tour.  During this tour you get to see all the city lights in Times Square, as well as the entire view of Manhattan from the Manhattan bridge and Brooklyn.  It was very cool! 

World Trade Center

Free ice cream if you #hastag "#iscream for #insidious"

Little Italy

Courtney & her momma Kim

Central Park

Times Square

Empire State Building

It was a great trip and I love spending time with family. 

I love city life and being in NYC, but there's just something about being home, & I couldn't wait to get there and see my babies. (dogs) 

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